Scarlet & Sam is a Melbourne based label that engages in a slow production process.  All of our garments are individually hand-made using an original crochet hook, so no two pieces are ever the same. 

We design our garments with longevity in mind. All of our designs are unique and are designed to be kept for life.

At Scarlet Sam, we use only 100% cotton yarn to craft our clothes. Not only is cotton a natural and biodegradable material, it is also a renewable resource that requires less water and energy to produce compared to synthetic fabrics.

Each and every piece of clothing from Scarlet Sam is individually handmade with care and attention to detail. We believe in the power of slow fashion and taking the time to create something that is truly unique and special.

We also understand the importance of keeping our impact on the environment in mind. That's why we practice batch ordering and occasionally offer pre-order to ensure that our supply doesn't exceed demand. This helps us to reduce waste and keep landfills clear.

We are committed to maintaining the integrity of our brand by continuing to hand-crochet every garment and work towards becoming more ethical and sustainable in our practices.

We ensure our finished garments are kept plastic packaging free & all orders are shipped in recycled/compostable packaging.